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i like the drawing but dont really see how it relates to the competition. i think it would do better as a regular sub

Monkey II
Monkey II profile pic Alumni

Isn't insomnia printing yet?
I can feel it...


can't see the heart? it's the little pool that the kid is getting so much enjoy,emt from watching. It's somewhat hidden but still obvious enough to be noticed. I liked the design, one of the better red cross ones because it doesn't just have words like "hope compassion charity" in some spirally design, it actually has some more meaning.


Man, I so want to make a joke about how you've invented a perpetual suckage machine, but it's kind of cute.


I like this a lot, I love the simplicity and yeah, it's just so cool!

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no, the heart pool is very not obvious :P this would do well as a regular submission- like that one with all the pips and rivers leading to a glass of water :D i think it'd go better on light colored tees, not black :T

Big Ed

I don't think the heart is obvious either. I didn't see it. It's still a good design, though, although maybe not quite so clear why it fits the RC.

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