Never Trust A Spider

Design by theurbanraptor

Never Trust A Spider by theurbanraptor on Threadless
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There's no way the spider could have possibly woven the words into the web the way you have them layered on top. They're clearly not part of the design of the web. Some carefully done hand-lettering worked into the pattern of the web would have been much better.

And what is the upper right-hand corner of the web attached to? It's just floating in mid-air.

Other than those problems, it's a cute design. Not something I'd wear (vegetarian), but cute.

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

I think it is fucking outstanding



Agrree w/ Mojie: LETTERS need to be worked into the web, yo. NOT a TYPE FONT please... cute design

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

DUUUUUUUUUDE...we all TOLD you to fix the letters...this would been a 4$ guy! Still, fabulous idea and style, but you need to re-sub this with the words within the web much better. Cluck cluck cluck! Still, nice one.

nintechno profile pic Alumni

this is pretty awesome



This wins. :D I agree that it'd win a lot harder if the lettering was more nicely integrated into the web, though.


you shuol improve a better graphic solution...
but the idea is the best!


haha, oh no!

stranger in circles

This is so ALMOST great. I completely agree w/ prev. comments on the lettering & the pig is just a tab simplistic


If the letters didn't look so dumb it'd be awesome. But they look dumb. So it's not awesome.


I echo the resounding cry for fixed font. Fix the font and it's a total 5. Not scoring as of now.


I love the idea but a) I agree with working the font into the web and b) where the font is right now, it's kinda hard to read the message from a distance.


I like middle center
But the font
: /


Hahaha, really cute XD but yeah, better typeface, and something for the top part of the web to hang off of. 3 for now.

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