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never hide by R G on Threadless
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love the drawing style - fantastic!
and not a single "Aaaaaah - naked boobies" comment yet - how odd.

ditto to the above - bottom-right placement, on dark brown

although i think it would look really pretty with a dusty-purple colored ink on charcoal


oh - and 5$


without the nipples
the gender
(at first glance)
becomes a bit


i think the nipples are fine. MAYBE make them a bit more subtle, but seriously, i think this was tastefully done. i like how the chest isn't the focal point of the design.
i want this shirt. :)


I like the nipples. Also agree...bottom right corner would look better. I think it would addmore dimention.

big tone

wow, reminds me of labyrinth - such a great film...

Big Ed

^ me too, and I'd really rather not.


good. i don't mind the boobs. placement could be better.

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