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Nerds Unite!


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when I typed that first comment I forgot you couldn't put html into the posts, so if you click on my name, my profile page has the pic in the blog there, thanks guys! and this was my revolution sub. fun in a bucket.

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this is AWESOME i love how teh guys on teh bottom are grimacing

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WAIT! Look! I'm there on the right! Coooooooooool! But where are my Draon Dice?

Great idea, and nice execution.


holly shit!!!!
you deserves a 5

funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni

holy crap..awesome drawing!


very cool

Rock-Deputy profile pic Alumni

that is.... AWESOME!

mikemills profile pic Alumni

SON of a...
You just blew my mind. $5$


HAAAAAAAAAAAA! Awesome. Me gusta.
I'll wear this on my comic book road trip this summer with my +1 hat and my -1str/+1cha t-shirt. (although not at the same time as the t-shirt.)
Definately 5$. (I'd prefer it a little more central, incidentally...)

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

Very well done, great illo & concept, love the characters. This took some effort and was well worth it. I could imagine a whole story about this.

Rockslide profile pic Artist

Hey you guys rock! I always get so much support from this site, it just makes me want to try harder next time to make something even better. I get an adrenaline rush from posting and seeing all the reactions, its great. Thanks for all these comments, to steve I would just have to say, can you not watch movies about high school once you leave high school? Can you not read a book about childhood after you leave it? Why couldn't you wear a shirt with nerds on it after you leave high school? I think anyone could wear it, its just supposed to be a humorous look at current social dynamics and how the nerds have caused a revolution to become the new "cool." They are the ones in charge of the world.

grayehound profile pic Alumni

31 comments in, what, an hour? Can I be the first to guess that this'll be available middle of February?

Luke... profile pic Alumni

haha, nerds....that is great
HEY!! i think i see my self up there...
awesome drawing

Jonny Freedom

woah...nice illustration!
puts me to shame covering face, i would deffinitely buy this even though im not a huge fan of the colour...
$5, not really sure how you could improve this!



faucking awesome!


Oh man. Coolest shirt ever. <3333

Print it, and i'm going to buy 3. It's that wicked.


Ava Adore

just wow.
amazing work.
this will get printed in no time


haha niice $5

i sure wouldnt want to be the crotch guy though

Rockslide profile pic Artist

haha, oh man rooster, that made me laugh for a good minute.

-I wanted to say also, since there have been some comments on the color, since this is monochromatic, it actually works on any shirt based in that shirt color. I played around with it and it looks pretty cool in a navy and a green too, but this is my first choice. I may post the other color options if I get a chance.

d3d profile pic Alumni

it's brilliant but i'd prefer the jock wasn't on it. i'd wear it if it was just nerds assembling to wreak unknown nerdly havoc rather than get revenge on a bully. too many bad memories.


really really well done:)



im blown away. im not usually one for children's book / family circus style illustration, but this piece is incredible. awesome composition as well.

save me one of these when this design gets printed.

Almighty 5!


haha, this is hilarious. I might would buy it, I dunno though. I have a feeling I'd hafta explain it to the people that would see me wearing it, haha. 5. Awesome job.

Rockslide profile pic Artist

thanks again guys! I'm on a flippin' high after reading all this feedback, I could get hit by a mack truck and be stuck in a hospital listening to kids bop 12 and still be excited.

-to enamine- this is the first of my subs that actually wasn't done in illustrator, I did a pencil sketch, then inked it and then then imported it to photoshop and painted it there. Although- this would be easy enough to do in illustrator if you so desired, you would just need a wacom tablet and then make some custom brushes to speed it along. I've done more detailed than this in illustrator. I like doing a variety of styles and so I thought I'd keep this one in a hand-drawn style.


wow, I wish I had a gang of loyal nerds to abnd together when I was little , that would have saved me a wedgie or three.

very sweet shirt


yep, I see me in there! totally rad ;)

mezo profile pic Alumni

This is an awesome illustration...the wee asian violinist makes it. Supurb job.


great stuff - not sure if i would wear it but its a 5 and great drawing! fuck shit man - love the hands - agreed though no jock and i could wear it, just nerds about to do damage


oh god, nerd-tron. That had me laughing out loud. I'd buy this in a heart beat.

Hopefully on a different color shirt, though! I've got so many shirts of that color...

Jai Deliete

Incredible. I would wear this one so much I'd have to buy another, ad infinitum.

kaloyster profile pic Alumni


this is far the best idea i've ever seen in Threadless since the beginning!

theperk profile pic Alumni

wow rob dobi's image is nothing like this. but yeah this is sweet 103 comments on the first day... wow

Rockslide profile pic Artist

alright, whenever someone says an idea has been done before I like to go directly to the source, so I found that rob dobi guy's site and looked all over for a similar pic. I found one called revenge of the nerds but c'mon! it looks absolutely nothing like this, not even close, its like worse than saying olli copied jester by far. anyways, I just wanted to address that.

So! thanks for all the new comments, this is pretty incredible, I've already beat my last record for comments in just one day!

I've had a couple comments also on my blog thread for this shirt asking why there isn't a threadless nerd? Haha! Oh but there is! Look for the all too common squid nerd, penguin nerd, and food shirt nerd! There are a couple other little jabs, but I'll let you find them.

DrawingEvils profile pic Alumni

I just want to know which guy do you draw first????? ahahahhah


This is amazing. u bloody genius you! 5$

Rockslide profile pic Artist

Like I've said before guys, you all rock. I've been on cloud 9 for a couple days now, this is awesome. (wait, I claim the right to design a cloud 9 shirt, that would be cool)(I'm serious, I'm designing a cloud 9 shirt right now in my head)

So! There have been some new questions about the design so I will answer them!

DrawingEvils- I didn't draw any specific nerd first. I drew out a general sketch of the overall form of the meganerd and then started to break it up in key areas. I had to have one nerd anchor the whole sketch and so I guess the first one I gave attention to was the classic nerd, or as Rooster called him, the "crotch nerd" haha. Then I started to lightly piece in all the different areas making sure they all worked as a whole, and then I continued to add more and more detail all around till it was done. Then I inked it and colored it in Photoshop.

Heko- it took probably about a week working on and off to finish. Like I'm guessing...5 hours for the sketch, 1.5 hours for the ink, 5 hours for the color? That's just guessing it all into compact hours.

BlackSheep77- Illustrator all the way. Are you kidding? haha. Illustrator can do so much more than Flash, its not even a contest, like Soda Popinski vs. Glass Joe. Just like Corel Painter is heads and tails better than Photoshop for digital painting, like King Hippo vs. Piston Honda.

Thanks again guys! I hope my next design is nearly as well recieved, its quite different, style and subject wise. Its called "Zeus & Thetis" but it won't be up till Jan. Later for now. Lil' Mac needs help.


Marvelous. You complete me.


Awesome i want one

staffell profile pic Alumni

wOw i though 121 comments with one day left was good. this is unbelievably popular.

She Says So

really like this, very good design.

slender fungus

DAMN YOU, CLEVER FIEND!!!! 5 and buy.


Holy handgrenade! That's just really really great, in an awesome way! man, you can draw!

Mrs. Owl

Comments galore! Nice job. Is that I squid I see on one nerd's shirt? Very cool if it is.

jonhillier profile pic Alumni



thank god everyone loves this t-shirt so much! There's no way they won't print it! Dude- seriously, I'm your biggest fan.


So I'm gussing the score for this one and its: >3.69

I just can't get over how FAB this design is. Its designers like you that are going to make me very very poor from Threadless.

I was gonna say you left out the goth/punk wanna be nerd - but nope he's up by the left shoulder. The amount of thinking that must have gone into this design is begigantic. ALL the nerds are there - and I love how so many people posted that they can see themselves in it (I'm the girl in the turtleneck getting steped on by the squid nerd)

And the jock so has to stay: I'm thinking the nerds must have all come into contact with some mutagenic ooze or radioactives of somesort unawares and then the next time they were threatened by the bully (maybe taken down ot 30% power level) it activated some new auto-defence mechanism: The Mega-nerd-zord a la power rangers and the like. Then the rest is history.

In conclusion: WOW and I say again WOW.

p.s. my 'lost a wheel' came in today - you rock

mrdavenport profile pic Alumni

i love this idea man.. definate 5


I see a winner.

This is simply amazing.

GREAT illustration


An amazing illustration! Are there really only 4 different shades?


staffell profile pic Alumni

id love to see this shirt catapult into the 4.0 average mark.

Rockslide profile pic Artist

I really don't know what to say to this overwhelming response. This is awesome. I think I'll just quit now, because I don't think I'll be able to produce a shirt with a greater response than this. Or maybe I'll just do a totally crappy shirt next on purpose just to take down the pressure, how about a shirt of a fat man in a leotard walking a komodo dragon in winter and call it Yellow Experiment 62Blue? That should work. Thanks again guys!

BlackSheep- Hey punk! Get your hands off my sister! haha. she's pretty tough though she could probably beat you with your own arms and then stick your arms where your legs should be and then stick your legs where your arms should be. Just a warning.


this is way beyond awesome


Wow dude. Congratulations. $5


omg ahahahaha i never saw this shirt before, it's so funny


PRINT! wow at that high scoreeee.

Rockslide profile pic Artist

Its PRINTED!!! YEAH!!! Thank y'all for this opportunity again. Hugs and kisses-------------------Rockslide



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