Nerd Skull

Design by Raulio

Nerd Skull by Raulio on Threadless
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Nicel But it is REALLY close to the JINX t-shirt company's logo. There would be a serious copyright hoohaa.

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Well, it's an original design and I've never heard of Jinx so I had no idea. It's a similar idea but I don't think it's exactly the same.


Ha! Cool idea. $5




Oh, I didn't think you'd copied it. Lots of synchronicity in the Universe.

But copyright is self enforced. It's sue 'em or loose it. Which means to protect their copyright on their own logo JINX would have to sue Threadless if they printed something similar. Because then later if someone did straight up copy them the copiers could say, "well, you didn't do anything about those other people" and the court would concur and JINX would loose their copyright.

And JINX and Threadless are definitely aware of each other.

So it's a great design. But Threadless couldn't print it without inviting a legal issue. A shame, really.


hehehehehehe nice!! I'm in competishion with skulls too 5$

Raulio profile pic Artist

Thanks everyone!!

Mountain Gnome

Please, no self promotion and no links to your own submission! its considered rude to put a link to your design in someones design up for voting. read the text at the bottom of the box...


✿◕ ‿ ◕✿

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Thanks for your votes!


Hey Raulio, I love your t-shirt designs, you are my new god!!!

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