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emeryg profile pic Artist

I'd love to rock up to work wearing this!


haha i really like the idea, but i dont know how well this would work with the whole jena 6 thing. i'd rock it though

tesco profile pic Alumni

cool. dont know how feasible this would be to pritn. it would be a shame to compromise and not have it going right around the neck hole. still, good shirt. 5

Monkey III
Monkey III profile pic Alumni

Good stuff! Clever!

Montro profile pic Alumni

It's a great idea, escaping death penalty never looked this good. Sadly, I wouldn't wear this out of respect of a deceased friend.


i like it but not sure i'd wear it... i'm sure there are people who will.. 5... not on white

aled profile pic Alumni

Yeah - this can only work if the print goes around the neck. It's a good design, but too macabre for my personal tastes - and couldn't wear it for the same reasons as Montro.

wotto profile pic Alumni
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I'm with Montro on this one.


This is a great idea, but I'm not sure I or other people would feel comfortable wearing this in public. It's just kinda macabre, but than again such a GREAT design.


I'm not sure a wrap-around print like this is possible. Is it?

TerryMakesStuff profile pic Alumni

I like the idea. Wouldn't wear it myself though. 3.


I think this is a cool idea, I have a lot of friends who'd love this.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I think most people in America would take as a statement about our violent past of lynchings and the current Jena 6 fiasco, although that event will be forgotten when the media finds some other unfortunate current event to exploit. I like this idea a lot tho just based off the pun and the image itself, if Threadless could print around the top of the shirt like that. Nice work besides the obvious misunderstandings wearing this shirt will most defintitely occur.


this isn't clever at all and as far as design goes it falls flat

better luck next time

nonolarson profile pic Alumni

Rather nice, but it seems impossible to print around the neck. And it evokes me suicide more than death penalty.

emeryg profile pic Artist

wow some well mixed reactions here which I fully expected from this design thanks for your thoughts and comments so far and please keep them coming I'd really like to see how many people would wear this deisgn?

Also on the print side of things I think it’s possible to do a full wrap on the neck print as this is essential for this design and having bought Iconoclast T recently I was surprised to find that the whole T has been silk screened including the neck itself so if anyone can Threadless can!


thats so emo

Ste7en profile pic Alumni

Anyone that would confuse me wearing a noose as insulting to them is not someone I want to talk to anyway....but sadly they will probably try to anyway...5$ if it can be printed.

mrwalrusface profile pic Alumni

I dig this 5$

I would buy this if it was on white and if it was printed with the full wrap

kooky love
kooky love profile pic Alumni


This design brings the positive messages.
Free from death rope punishment.
Reject the passion of suicide.


wow. this would mos def start contorversy


This is OK for Halloween, but can't see much use for it otherwise.


i would feel depressed wearing this shirt

cshimala profile pic Staff
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I'm pretty sure it would be very tough to print this as the only possible way would be if we could load the tee on the printer with the full neck exposed on the board which in my attempt here was not easy.

Iconoclast was done with a belt printer where the front and back are printed separately. Belt printing is also only an option for Select designs

mezo profile pic Alumni

I spent a lot of my life living in Alabama....thus, this design makes me very uncomfortable. While I appreciate the innovative around the collar print idea and the execution itself, I could never buy this. 3


not funny, try giving this to Owen Wilson and see what he says


Given the noose has always had multiple meanings in human cultures, offensiveness is in the eye of the beholder. But now is not the right time to go printing noose tees, especially given the recent Jena 6 protest and collateral fallout.

The overall design does need tweaking (the circumference of the noose should only print on the shirt material, not on the ribbed necking), but printing on the seams is only reserved for more expensive Threadless Select t-shirts.

Now, an albatross around the neck would be wicked cool (read the poem "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner" for the reference), given the resurgence of pirates and maritime life.


its great idea but id never wear it

emeryg profile pic Artist

thanks gang - I designed this as a power play on the blue collar suit & tie - most of us here are lucky enough to work and live in a generation or occupation where we don't have to conform to the establishment - so this design is intended to break free of those corporate shackle's of oppression.

As with most controversial subject matter it’s open to individual interpretation so I'm still very interested to hear your comments both good & bad. Shimala thanks for shedding some light on the production issues – From what I can gather its “very tough to print & is not easy” but maybe possible?

emeryg profile pic Artist

I am sorry Granny

spires profile pic Alumni




i think every emo would want this


Thanks for this. My friend hanged himself a little over a week ago.

badnobe profile pic Alumni
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this is great.i hope there would be no printing problem.

emeryg profile pic Artist

wow some really positive feed back thanks guys and much respect!

shibby558899 sorry for your loss - I also lost a mate to suicide (drowning) and also an uncle (shotgun) and cousin (hanging) - there's nothing any of us can do its just a fatal wrong decision some people make.


Interesting, but I'm not going to wear it...


I wish people would just stop being so politically correct and "offended."

I had a friend who hung himself. I also grew up in the south. And this shirt doesn't bother me at all.

Would I wear it? Do I endorse it for printing? No, but that's because it's not my style and I don't find any real design merit in it. But I should hate to think that someone wearing a shirt like this would get spit on my people saying "oh my god I'm SO offended." Psh.

And don't give me any "but ottr you have no idea what you're talking about (here's why)/you're so mean and you're a butthole" comments.


my reaction is just "eh, just another shirt. amusing, iffy if i'd wear it enough though to merit buying it"...but seeing how overly dramatic most of the comments are has inspired me to give you a 5, sir. good luck


if it was on another color except white I'd buy it, but I just hate white

Bramish profile pic Alumni

I'd wear it.


I think that this is a design that you either hate or love... I hate it- Even though the design and style is very delicate and nice, it just doesn't work for me. .. sorry

DrawingEvils profile pic Alumni


i'll buy this for me, and for my friends I know.

emeryg profile pic Artist

man I just came across this retired design this is heaps more morbid than my design

emeryg profile pic Artist

sorry the link didn't work - maybe this time...

emeryg profile pic Artist

Cool G-Skape - I didn't know you had sub'd this - quiet comical to read the reviews and make comparisions with all of the above :)

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