Nebula Road

Design by davidtheday

Nebula Road by davidtheday on Threadless
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tally wa

love the colors you chose for the guitar!




i'm pretty sure pictures taken by hubble have a copyright from NASA, so going commercial would be a copyright infringement. So i would be carefull like hell. If you want to make money with them go to -> and contact the NASA. In case u already did and this is ok them them, SORRY! ;)

davidtheday profile pic Artist

First, thanks so far for the compliments! Second, to Mongu, and all that's wondering: all images were done under a NASA contract and are considered public domain. There is no copyright infringement. It says it there in the first two sentences on the Web page you referenced :)


Great job! This looks amazing! I wanna see this guitar on stage!!!


I absolutely love this! This MUST be printed!


correct me if i'm wrong, but: The availability of STScI materials on this web site does not imply the endorsement of STScI or by any STScI employee of any private use of such materials, including, in particular, any commercial use and any use intended to mislead.

For me that sounds like you'r not allowed, but i could be that i missunderstand it ;).

davidtheday profile pic Artist

Hey, Mongu :) all that sentence states is that STScl does not ENDORSE someone's use of their materials---that doesn't mean you can't use it. For example, if someone uses their images to create something profane, that statement protects STScl from being affiliated with it. This line of the copyright notice is what's important to follow: " claim to copyright is being asserted by STScI and it may be freely used as in the public domain in accordance with NASA's contract." :) I hope that clears things up for ya! :)

And to Angelos, what exactly are we judging here? The time, effort, and skillset put into a design? Or how it looks? And for your knowledge, it wasn't just copy and paste, there was editing involved outside of "Copy and Paste"...I'll send you the original PSD file if you want to take a look. You are entitled to your opinion, so I'm sorry to hear you don't like the design, but that doesn't negate the fact that, while simple in design, it is still art...and it is still beautiful :)

Johan Madera

It's all about how u can think deeper than others, how u connect those little or invisible dots together. That new combination of old elements!. And what are those so-called elements? On which context they belong and work?

Y es ahí donde un artista nace (and that's where an artist born).


alright, sorry then!!!!!!!


Cool! 5

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