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Jemae profile pic Artist

Suggested tee : white, sagestone & athletic heather..

Hope you enjoy this and thanks in advance for voting..

Oh yes, comments are most welcome!


this cracked me up because it isn't what i expected after seeing the title


Yes. I want this- on that color. Now.

valorandvellum profile pic Alumni

Nice work! The animals are soooo cute!

thunderpeel profile pic Alumni

it is totally adorable and well drawn, especially on white...but, like others have expressed, I just get a little bit sad with the whole polar paradox that keeps getting illustrated on here. Don't kids watch the discovery channel these days?


Reminds me of a Far Side Cartoon.


kind of a rip off of that coca cola commercial running during the holiday season...


extremely adorable!

herky profile pic Alumni

great illustration and color choices

andyg profile pic Alumni

Awesome work! 5$

The Ending

hmm, but polar bears don't live anywhere near penguins,
Polar Bears=North Pole
Penguins=South Pole

Polar bears dont wear masks... even if they had masks, they lack the opposable thumbs to put it on.

The Ending

the above was a quote then my comment ^^^^^

OlliRudi profile pic Alumni

this is exquisitely made, but the subject matter is really familiar (penguin/polar bear design # 50 000), so i can't really give you that good of a score on this one. and i'm sorry for that, because i like your work.

sam dhia

Another superb design by you! It's a masterpiece.. I think I'm gonna be broke buying all your tee! :-)

5 and buy


Sagestone or Heather (no white) and please print, pleeeeeeeeeeease! $5

deep space monkey
deep space monkey profile pic Alumni

Hmmm, nice illustration, but the idea has been done. If anyone out there has a Farside Calendar for this year look at Monday the 15th. Same thing except it's a fully grown polar bear.

jimmytan profile pic Alumni

cantiknya! apa khabar Jamae? rasa gembira jumpa sini ^^, 5 lima!


somethin you should sell to the coca cola company!

Jemae profile pic Artist

And to deep space monkey, please put the image link here & I think everybody want to see how similar it is. I don’t know what to say here but the only thing I can say is BELIEVE me, I didn't copy this idea, just thought of it last week. Was planning to submit this to Tribeca Film Festival theme and I post this design to BLOG FORUM here last week to get more idea/suggestion for this. Last 2 days I saw this Josh Ritter's theme and I feel it suits the theme..

ryeofcali profile pic Alumni

except in the far side cartoon, the penguins are all slowly disappearing because they are being eaten by the bear who is wearing a penguin mask.


They give it a Coke, right?!


I like it.

Kojima profile pic Alumni

I see you got rid of the dither, like I told you. This is definitely your best. 52 comments on the 2nd day means it has a good chance of winning. Really cool idea.


Penguins are cute. This t-shirt is cute. I want it. 5.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

while were talking about logic, i always LOATHED how ILLOGICAL it was for that frigging girl to blow her head off and her brain matter turned into purty butterflies and magical winged things in "Flowers in the Attic"!!! Dammit, 90 percent of the Threadless wharehouse is ruined for me now with its lack of logic...If we don't get our knowledge about physics and geography from cute t-shirt designs, WHERE ELSE could we possibly find it? TEXT BOOKS and a million other places!!! Nah, ive got no time for that.

Jemae profile pic Artist

THAKS GUYS for all the SUPPORTED!............................

KOJIMA, You totally help me on this. Now you really make me feel better! And really appreciate if you can make the same explanation here (from the postblog forum) about the Farside Calendar version. Still can't see the link that you put on, anyway TQ very much! Love you for this! =)

Bisparulz profile pic Alumni

yeah 5$

Recycledwax profile pic Alumni

make me think of the coca cola ad!


Farside did it, and it was funnier.
However, this drawing is very well done. It may be inaccurate due to the north/south pole but i still give it a solid 4.

Jemae profile pic Artist

The theme was created based on the title of the album. From what I understand, it was based on his journey in music industry and that is why it's called "The Animal Years". It was about the challenges he faced to be where he is..

So is the polar bear, he had to go through the difficulty part of imposing as a pinguins to be friends with them..

Anyway, I agree that it will be good if we follow the song, the meaning is deeper.. thanks abbster


baby penguins aren't white and black. and polar bears don't live in the antarctic.

Kojima profile pic Alumni

MooseDinner on Jan 19 '07
baby penguins aren't white and black. and polar bears don't live in the antarctic.

And polar bears don't wear masks. But who gives a damn except you? This is a graphic design, not photography. It's not supposed to be real. Use your imagination.


didn't you originally do this for the tribeca loves? or am i just imaging that?

DrawingEvils profile pic Alumni

hi Jemae , im your from your neighboor country.
Semoga Berhasil!


About the only penguin design amongst the many(!) that is decent. Nice idea.


Quite good. I give it a 4.
Would be even better ('5' worthy) if it was available on a white hoodie.
(IMO, any 'northern' or cold related designs should be available on 'warm-wear', ie hoodies, thermals etc)

Would be EXCELLENT (definite $buy) on a white hoodie, with printed poler bear claws on the arm cuffs and printed/stitched-on bear ears on the hood.

Alex M. Solefish

Extremely well rendered drawing, and very cute. 5 :)


Oh my goodness, I love this! It has my two favorite animals- penguins and bears! And it is drawn so well! I love the idea. Gush gush gush. A definite $5!

Montro profile pic Alumni

Awhh It will end up eating it's foster parents but you still get a


good artwork.


Awesome design mate

Not that it's my place, but, in response to some of the comments above:

Size of the bear: it's obviously a cub

Farside Cartoon: Who cares? The standard of the illustration is far superior to Gary Larsons (not that i'm starting on him, he has a style that works very well and sticks to it) I just feel this style of illustration underlines the absurdness of the situation better.

North/South debate: Get real, if your bickering over this, then your overlooking the fact that the bear has a plastic, vacuum formed mask of a species it would have never have seen.

And a final comment: if polar bears and penguins did exsist in the some place, the idea (and The Farside one) wouldn't be funny.

And another final comment - if your still not satisfied, consider this angle... maybe the bear sneaked into the penguin enclosure in the zoo.

Again mate - awesome 5 $

jimmytan profile pic Alumni

cool jamae!! ya nice score and Tahniah juga! jamae BOleh!

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