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Nature stamp by telaine on Threadless
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telaine profile pic Artist

thanks! Placement is flexible, of course.

At this point, my first comment is not showing up so here is it again from what I remember:
I wanted to try a stamp-inspired, rough design for the Threadless loves contest. Please enjoy and thanks in advance for your votes/comments! :)


Yeah, this is really cool but it should be centered in my opinion.

telaine profile pic Artist

Larger detail version available in my profile. Thanks again!


As per my promise... $5.

Also, it's very good.


Soothing 5$

sooty profile pic Alumni

yeah, don't centre it, everyone centres stuff. leave it where it is

telaine profile pic Artist

Thanks so much for all the comments so far. I did intentionally cut off some areas of the image to create a rougher look but for those who want it rounder, a slightly different alternate image is in my profile. thx again - you all rock :) ... and keep 'em coming!

asher27 profile pic Alumni

looks nice. it might look even better as a bottom right placement.
either or i like it on green, it looks pretty solid.


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