Natural Rejection

Design by Rock Deputy

Natural Rejection by Rock Deputy on Threadless
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me like also

whirzle1 profile pic Alumni

that's awesome


i want this shirt. five and a buy. no hesitation.


The tree hugger in me is appalled by this tee. I wanna buy it.

Rock Deputy
Rock Deputy profile pic Artist

hmmm... hadn't thought of it that way. I got the idea because a few people I work with say I'm a 'tree hugger' because I refuse to eat crappy fast food for lunch. I just think the term 'tree hugger' is kind of ridiculous.




love it! tons! 5 & buy


Hahahahahahaha!!!! FUCK THE TREES!!!! 5!

Rock Deputy
Rock Deputy profile pic Artist

hahaha! uh... thanks mom...

Rock Deputy
Rock Deputy profile pic Artist

no... actually, I've never heard of Jack Johnson. And all this time I thought that I was the first person in the world that used a silhouette of a tree and a person in a design. wow... this is awkward.

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

email me at, is that image on your profile your artwork?




I got this shirt over the weekend (as a happy member of the 12 club) and it is definitely moved to my top 10 favorite t-shirts of all time.

Best shirt I've received from threadless for sure.

Great design, great implementation. Congrats!

loglow profile pic Alumni

Please, please, please, please, reprint this (for non-12-ers).

I know the rules, but if you make 'em you can break 'em.


I want this shirt SOO bad!! WOW!
Please please please re-print!

Rock Deputy
Rock Deputy profile pic Artist

they have printed it... it's the 12 Club shirt for June 2005. Thanks for the comments.

Rock Deputy
Rock Deputy profile pic Artist

actually it's tied for 8th highest scoring shirt.. there's also a menage a' trois for 5th place... but who's counting?


Hi there, posted this on the Club 12 section, just wanted to know if this shirt is still for sale, or is in line to be reprinted?


Everytime I wear this design out I get great comments on it. That's my true test of a great t-shirt design (that and my wife laughs out loud everytime she sees me wear it).


I'm in love with this shirt! Please make it available to commoners like me. ;_;

Rock Deputy
Rock Deputy profile pic Artist

it has been printed... June 2005 12 Club shirt.

thanks for the support!


I wish I could buy this shirt!


Why exactly has this not yet been printed?


aw! poor tree! i'd buy it and hug trees in it.

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

I believe this was printed, it was a 12 month tee.

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