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Jebs profile pic Artist

I first wrote a long comment to describe it, but there was a, right now, i let you discover it with just a few comments, it's a crossed tribute to some ways to find equal civil rights, tolerance, better societies and justice.
In a few words: the symbolic silhouette can be seen in as it is, or if you know the event represented, would have even more sense (i let you find it ^^) and the graphic choice, the "medium", the path , is street art, graffiti, free expression, especially tribute to RATM, whose activity and lyrics go toward the subject, freedom, fighting for our rights, whoever we are (i am a big fan).
Finally, you can just see a nice design you could wear, clean, simple and impactant? hope so!

excuse my english that is not perfect


Um... Rage against the Machine?

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

lol...yeah, i love your stuff jebs and it's great to see you back but this is really close to the RATM cover, and the way the hand is drawn its a bit like a nazi salute which i KNOW you didn't mean to do. I also get a Natural Born Killer vibe from the words as well. Don't get me wrong, this is not directly copied from anything and a bit bigger on the tee it would be quite striking, but i think it needs a little more push in another direction to really distinguish itself from the pieces it was inspired from.


i don't love the placement. maybe put it at the bottom and off to the side

Jebs profile pic Artist

wow....that's maybe the first time that i read you comments so negative :/

first, it's directly drawn from the fabulous (in my opinion) act and gesture of Tommie Smith in Mexico 68 Olympics...

that's REALLY sad that i read comments like your Frickinawesome (you know i appreciate you), the fist has NOTHING to do with what you said, and i won't change anything in this design, because it would mean that i consider this analogy seriously...

then, about RATM, i wrote it, it's inspired. ok. next? Well, those graffitis are on all urban walls, just around the corner of every was a tribute to RATM, but that's it, that's why i used the wall of "Battle Of Los ANgeles", but the design itself is not a copy at all...

i'm a bit France, this design was sent and reveived a great welcome and critics...i thought that it would be at least the same here...

see you anyway

aled profile pic Alumni

I'm kind of surprised that more people don't recognise this iconic sihouette. To me it immediately signifies the black civil-rights struggle, and more specifically, the Black Panthers. I think this is too politically loaded to be about democracy, and I certainly wouldn't feel comfortable wearing it. It is nicely illustrated and I'm pleased to see you back here again, Jebs. You should sub more!

Jebs profile pic Artist

well, thank you man, i will repeat myself, but your comments are always a pleasure as i really love your work, even if i don't go ften on Threadless since a few months...
In fact, about my turtle frequency of subs, i sub a lot on french websites actually, but i'll try to make some for Threadless ;-)

thanks izziecat too, that was a bit the idea ;)


Can't say anything about RATM since I don't listen to them... but the figure needs maybe like... 2 extra small lines to distinguish this as an actual human--the head and neck otherwise just sort of look like... well, something that a female would potentially use in/around sex organs, which I don't think is supposed to be any kind of double meaning at all. The style's cool, just needs a bit of structural clarification (it would actually just be better "turned" about 25 degrees towards or away from us to distinguish the head from the arm)... I don't like needing to read the description to really know what it's about

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Jebs, I was just being honest with ya, and i said that i in NO WAY thought you were going for something like the neonazi movement or anything, it's just what came to mind when looking at it. I know this wasn't your intention and all that, and I'm sorry to upset you as i love nearly everything you produce, but don't worry about people calling this "disgusting", that's beyond stupid to say. Keep doing what you're doing, not everything will gel with every audience, can't wait to see more of your subs soon.

Jebs profile pic Artist

frickinawesome: i like the fact that you are honest, no problems. In France, though, nobody has seen something like that, even if our history was painful with the second world for sure, that's surprised me, to read those comments here, in the states.

Anyway, i'll come back with ther designs, i hope soon! ;-)
PS: i don't know if you were a fan of my hitchcock design, but it is printed on pampling (spanish), if you are interested ;)


Jebs.....I understood the design, it's meaning and commentary as soon as I saw it. Don't be discouraged by what you've read here. I think the design is awesome. For a person to understand the significance of this design, in its entirety, they much truly understand how significant that moment was for Blacks especially given the time (1968...about 4 months after King was killed). It's very apparent that many of the individuals who wrote here do not have an awareness of the moment and situation. That makes this design all the more important as an education tool for others who might not be aware.

Great job! $5

Jebs profile pic Artist

just Thank you!!! that was the purpose of this design, i'am really happy to read a comment like yours, it means that at least, some people understood it and found it interesting... great! :)

Jebs profile pic Artist

can you READ my comments before repeating dumbly: "it's the battle of los angeles with a f*** link"...

OF COURSE its 'inpired, i've written it, why and how... it's becoming annoying

Jebs profile pic Artist

frickin: yeah thanks about Alfred, and i improved the colors, also, their quality print is awesome too...

rocktart: lol, don't misunderstand me, i love Threadless community, after subbing nearly 100 designs, i've always found the comments very useful and interesting, also kind. BUT, that's the first time that they disappoint me by a lack of discernment :/

Yak Herder

I, too, love Rage Against the Machine. It does look like the fist is coming out of the head though.

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