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i love the tee...but it's already been done..literally, word for word.


I dunno - how much does it matter that this has been done before?

I think if there was something more incorporated into the crest that expressed sarcasm, using the lion and unicorn especially... But as it is, you've just taken the poster and added a generic crest.

So... not good.

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

one has to wonder .. this is a collaboration between two people ... did either one know that this already existed?


if i was to buy this, how would my friends know what NSS stands for...that needs to be expressed on the shirt somehow


i'd buy it, i'd wear it, i'm already a member $5

Raid71 profile pic Artist

iDanSimpson - wasn't aware this was a poster.... but don't really understand why you would Zero something that has been transfered to a different medium; I suppose you don't watch any films that where originally books etc


victim... give it up. people aren't stupid.

lol, the funny thing is ... people are stupid.

herky profile pic Alumni

I love the unicorn and lion, nice work


I gave it a $5, but after this, I'm going to have to lower it. If it somehow did get printed, I'd still buy it.


Fooseball is just a product of soccer and shishcabobs

That's a Demetri Martin joke.


Wadep, is it mitch hedberg or demetri martin? it sounds like something each of them would say.


uhh nice thumbnail.


i like the design. :)

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

no section, if your slogans only remotely touch upon another person's previous thoughts, i don't think that constitutes as a copyright problem. But man, I'm more than little upset at victim's complete wholesale stealing of many of her slogans that i thought were quite good were actually thought up by others. Why would anyone want to put other people's slogans and thoughts up as their own and submit them in such a forum where it's all about what you can best come up with. It's a disservice to yourself and to others. Sad shit, victim...sorry that Raid had to be dragged down in this mess..

Raid71 profile pic Artist

I have to admit I'm surprise how people have attacked 'victim' , it's a shame people aren't more encouraging

aled profile pic Alumni

Yeah. No need for the personal attacks. The creative industry is filled with ideas and designs that have been repeated, improved, borrowed from, ripped off and parodied. I don't think there was really any intent to decieve. God knows I've done stuff in the past and its turned out 100 other people had the same idea - 10 years before I did.

You may or may not be suprised to hear that someone, somewhere has probably thought up each of the printed slogans before they were printed here. Even abstract ones like Shakespeare and Haikus! Most slogans that get printed here are witty or unique phrases or word plays that has been heard by the least number of people! :)

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

yeah I agree fatheed - but doglady is pretty self righteous and sure of herself for someone who has been a member for 0 days - I thinks it's obvious who doglady really is -

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

actually that sounds much more coherent than it should have been - and nothing is obvious - so i will go now.

Monkey III
Monkey III profile pic Alumni

People get same ideas though, but I don't like it when it's exact the same -- word for word. I like the concept and the execution. The crest seems a bit generic.


Nice design Raid, nice try victim. Try again another time OK?

Hey at least it doesn't have a panda or a squid on it.



Oh yeah. It's just a fucking tee shirt.


On a tangent: ""gingerbread men: delicious holiday treat or segway to cannibalism"

It's "segue"!

Carry on.

mezo profile pic Alumni

Fuck it. I am scoring this totally based on raid's work alone. For that, sir, a 5$ goes out to you.



Raid71 profile pic Artist

Poisson & Lambda sounds like a good Sunday lunch or a pint down at the local

mezo profile pic Alumni


kaloyster profile pic Alumni

But age doesn't have anything to do with the issue, iDanSimpson.

I personally like the art Raid put into it and even though it came from a stolen slogan, there's no need to give it a zero. You must consider the time and effort Raid put into making the design.


Ah, the Infinite Number of Monkeys with an Infinite Number of Typewriters Theorem.

Raid's work doesn't deserve a 0 because the slogan passed to him was stolen. Meanwhile, age does have something to do with it because victimofopportunity just learned a hard lesson the easy way, at an early age, one that will hopefully spare her from repeating the mistake in a situation when it would be a lot more critical, like college where it would result in expulsion, or business where it would result in a lawsuit. Of course if the design got printed and the plagiarism was discovered afterwards, that would have been a harder lesson, but it didn't, and so we can all just chill. :P

mezo profile pic Alumni

Mathmatics is make-believe. Just like gnomes, dinosaurs, and the Jews.

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

Mezo I love you soo much!

Now go and score my hated-crispy fried monkey sub! Now!


Yeah Raid, I usually score your stuff very high, just stick to doing things on your own.

However I must say one good thing about victimofopportunity, at least she has good taste in comedians she steals things from


I guess that's a good thing


Please don't speak that name on this great site

Kojima profile pic Alumni

So what did Carlos Mencia steal? I didn't hear about it.


Carlos Mencia stole 30 mintues of my life, and for that I hope he is quickly cancelled. And I don't mean his show, I mean his existence

Kojima profile pic Alumni

I think he's funny.


Yeah it makes me mad for one that Reno 911 is "Carlos Mencia's back up" sure it's a pun, but it makes me sad.

Then I see 48 commercials a day for the new season of his show and I see diaper wearing astronaut skits and Borat skits. Even if he filmed those when they were relevant can't he realize that it's going to be much later when they're aired.

And that doesn't surprise me at all that he would change the end of that skit like that. Because he has to be "edgy." "I'm Carlos Mencia, I have to cuss on air so they can bleep it, then make fun of race, gender, and the mentally ill. It's a good thing I have these 12 year olds writing my jokes. Because I know I couldn't do it myself"

Sorry for defiling your post Raid, with his horrible name

Raid71 profile pic Artist

Austin Jones - many coat of arms carry a lion and a unicorn... have a look at the British Crown and notice the difference...
please look up (i) if you know what this stands for you'll get the t-shirt

Frank Vice

england and scotland :P


Very good!!


"Bad artists copy. Good artists steal."
--Pablo Picasso

Everything has been done before.


I was absolutely sure I'd seen this slogan on a shirt before. And here it is.



Though your design is far more charming, I must say.

Ava Adore

whoa i wondered why this had so many comments... damn people rattling on.

nice design!!

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