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caffein blues

looks cool as a picture itself, but not as a t-shirt design.. that frame.. and placement look somehow awkward

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Clint Eastwood at his most badassedness + hot chick from random Maxim-esque magazine + fork in the ass telling us dinner is served + framing it all in a classy portrait and telling Jackson Pollock to stop by = random but in a good way, plus it looks great on the sample tee. Equation maxes out on a way decent four. PS- that BETTER be paint splatters or ewwwwwwww.




good work 5$


sinister, i like it 5$


very different, in a good way


I like this :)


Is there a story to this? Like perhaps....MyFather....he used to be a Clint Eastwood impersonator but smoking all those cigars laced with hot dog mustard made him go crazy, then he started taking those pills he bought illegally in Mexico and bought a pretty wig and hot damn, if MyMom didn't attack him with a cartoonishly over-sized fork after he turned in a woman with a prominant bottom. The Good, The Butt, and The Ummmm....


She got a lumpy butt. Looks like a filled nappy.

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