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My sky at night by mismonaut on Threadless
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I think one of the most interesting things about us is our desire to see ourselves reflected in the world. This desire manifests itself in so many ways—we imagine nature, almost always, to have human aspects. Trees grow personalities. Owls blink wisely. Stars tell twinkling stories against the black sky. We constantly seek—and find!—the familiar.

This design is about stars, and shapes, and our relationship with them. The constellations we know were named long before any of us were born—an ancient attempt to make the universe more personal. We still know them today, in theory. In practice, many of us are fuzzy on anything beyond the Big Dipper.

That doesn't stop us from looking at the stars. There are other, newer shapes to be found in the night sky. And if the subjects of long-ago legends are hard for us to find, things closer to our lives appear more readily.

The printed design is simply the girl on the moon, and it does not include any constellations. You can, if you choose, add those yourself. There are no intentionally hidden pictures or pre-planned words—just the opportunity to stretch your imagination and find something familiar in the stars.

tl;dr another Technocraft connect-the-dots submission!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Great great entry here. The design DEF stand on its own and I hope this comes with glow in the dark paint!

If it doesn't print, you can re-sub it with tons of strange constellations that are visible in the day and glow at night...

celandinestern profile pic Alumni

love this. Very Little-Prince-ish.

YaaH profile pic Alumni




fikri profile pic Alumni

great idea!

soloyo profile pic Alumni

Great idea!

alexmdc profile pic Staff
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very nice use of mixed media, digginng the concept as well!

Ma Bell

very cool


very nice!!!

CazKing profile pic Alumni

this is great - very unique!


Nice! as FA said this works well as a stand alone design (unlike all the other entries) 5

briancook profile pic Alumni

Well if this isn't fun, I don't know what is! Now I want to mess around with some glow ink myself :D

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