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My Rules

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Don't you just hate that kid who always made up his own rules?


haha this is hilarious me loves i would buy


but may be brighter colors


Change the font and i'd be all for it.


I'd almost rather see the last hand make the typical gun shape... and have it pointed in the opposite (to the left) direction.


LOL i definitely made a gun shape the one time by accident when i was out of it. i won.


Please,different shirtcolour or atleast some options!!! i'd buy it on anything else but creme or any shades of gray...but dispite the poor tee colour, this is great!! it made me laugh immediately, and i'd totally buy and wear this :D 5.

Johnny Baboon
Johnny Baboon profile pic Alumni

as a kid, i always used the ball tap method for winning. 1-2-3-shoot - ball tap and i win. lol

nice design, 5


lol great

staffell profile pic Alumni

I think it would be good if the only text on the shirt was

"super lethal twin bladed samurai sword beats all"


Isnt that the symbol for "Two In The Pink, One In The Stink?"

I do believe it is. :P You dirty beast.


i love this. haha keep the shocka ahhahaha

im partial to the font though :/


The fourth hand looking kind of like the Shocker (yes, even suburban soccer moms know it) is the only thing keeping me from giving this a $5. My kids would love this.


You HAVE TO WIN ahah that's so funny ! 5$$

DrawingEvils profile pic Alumni

This is great.
Reminds my childhood, when had a "God" to beat scissors.


BAD font, but cute concept! I always used 'lightsaber!'


^ er, that comment didn't work? Anyway, it definitely made me chuckle. I like it!


Yes! $5, and I love the font and the colours!

If anything could be changed (and I'm not saying that it's necessary), I would've given the first 3 hands a bit more of a woodcut-feel, and given the last one a sparkle (the kind that goes 'ting' in toothpaste-commercials).


hahaha!! Very funny!! I like this!! I use. 5+


this is awesome!!!! i'd buy it...gah i hope it gets printed... profile pic Artist

Thanks for the scores and comments, people. 3.04! That ain't half-bad...

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

Fantastic score - way to go - look forward to the print


Bought it.... I love it....

Makes everyone laugh!

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