my parents old bathmat

Design by corey9

my parents old bathmat by corey9 on Threadless
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this is definitely probably not the bathmat that i don't remember not throwing up on when i was 6.

Joey Lane

haha. Just the fact that you payed homage to your parents bath mat alone is amazing in my book. Kinda disturbing, but then again so am I. :)


Perpetual Struggle on Apr 25 '12 Incredibly blah

Given the masterful application of varying line weight, the whimsical use of the dashed line and the unparalleled eye for color, this drawing is anything but "blah".

I find your comment ill informed and lazy. It should be printed out, defecated upon, and mailed to your mother postage due.


Oh, you. making bathmats look whimsical. (:

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