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Starkdesign profile pic Artist

Just think, while you might be lazily hanging your arms at your side, it seems like you are in fact holding the daily!

manlooon profile pic Alumni

Great idea. 5

Skipper6745 profile pic Alumni

Hah, flamespawned.

Definitely visually appealing, 5.

Starkdesign profile pic Artist

Thought about that, but felt it was more visually appealing to have the type straight with the paper slightly wavy, was going for less realistic and more along the humor...

Starkdesign profile pic Artist

I'm open to that idea, but i figured this placement might be better since it would be more visable, and having it too close to the armpit might bother some, what does everyone think?

dacat profile pic Alumni

Great idea, under the arm is more accurate and people would get it right away...still looks good here tho

Starkdesign profile pic Artist

And now for bonus the typeface!

Starkdesign profile pic Artist

well...lorem ipsum is actually much older than that. I refer you to for more details...

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

reminds me of the fed ex t-shirt.

Monkey II
Monkey II profile pic Alumni

well done!


I love it.
My best friend who's way into web design would kill me to get one.



Love this. I'd prefer if the text waved with the paper though.

Starkdesign profile pic Artist

I was open to the idea of conforming the text to wrap with the shape the paper was folded in, but while I was working on it, I noticed how it appeared straight on the wavy paper and found it pleasing as well, but the feedback is greatly welcomed!

Starkdesign profile pic Artist

And the winner! Yes, it is indeed Filosofia from the greats at Emigre...

(matthijs) profile pic Alumni

nice idea, too bad it's not in english. Some cool articles would make this so much more interesting...

Starkdesign profile pic Artist

I thought about that, but then it might date the piece and in 3 years refer to something obsolete, so i figured greeking was a safe bet, see above comments about the lorem ipsum...

little g
little g profile pic Alumni

cute concept. I;m with matthijs though. For me the Lorem ipsum makes it feel incomplete. Like it's a mock up or something. Real text. Like funny outrageous stories would garner a higher score from me. Would like to see this revisted.


Great...if I wore this people would constantly be thinking I'm headed to the restroom.


hahaha i never really figured out why, but i have a strange love for lorem ipsum.

Starkdesign profile pic Artist

For explanation of lorem ipsum, please see above...and thanks to all for the feedback!

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