My mom always told me ...

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My mom always told me ... by telaine on Threadless
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herky profile pic Alumni

nice illustration, great colors.

tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

Yay! Turned out great :-)

stingerstyler profile pic Alumni

sounds like an Urban Legend if you ask me... hehehe, great one!


kinda neat


ye old bubble gum myth! just like seeds and such, i still have yet to see branches growing out of my orifices though, maybe i should swallow some more seeds

good job on everything!


The bird makes me laugh, fun sub!

cheripoffs profile pic Alumni

i really like it but maybe with the text and definately a lighter background. 5

telaine profile pic Artist

Thank you for all the awesome comments so far!

I posted more color choices in my profile so if you like lighter colors or just hate brown, go take a look!

telaine profile pic Artist

stingerstyler:Haha, you're right. It kinda is an urban legend, by definition.

mrplate:It's all original, honey. I wouldn't make it any other way. ;)


i just saw a cartoon about this
but it was swallowing plastic gloves and a stethoscope growing out of your tummy

see...same thing

asher27 profile pic Alumni

id buy it on the green in your blog.

and im glad thats the original bubblegum flavour because watermelon and strawberry taste soooooo nasty.


That's pretty rad. $5

telaine profile pic Artist

Jennifuhrer: I smell a sequel! ;)

surreal blue: I gave the bird a little cheek later on so it looks more like he's blowing that bubble and I think it really helps give him more detail. That updated image is in my profile.

and thanks asher and teechers pet!!



telaine profile pic Artist

Thanks for the suggestions everyone :)

With the possibility that this would win, I'm sure Threadless would take any requests into account. So please don't let the text/no text debate affect your vote.

The centered placement is there but maybe your monitor is too dark to see the two different browns. There are other color possibilites in my profile.

Thanks again!

telaine profile pic Artist

Being the artist, I would probably place the text in blue along the bottom, front seam of the shirt so it wouldn't interfere with the dominant design's balance.

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