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My Little Helper by skaw on Threadless
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Rock-Deputy profile pic Alumni

you certainly are setting a high bar for the rest of us.


cshimala profile pic Staff

5 colors!


hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. i can't say i rate this, but i would buy it for the fact it's making me feel a little sick? :) $


wow, did you do this in Paint?

staffell profile pic Alumni



lol this is soo bad...


oh of my fave subjects!




There are no words to describe this.


ye gods....

eskimokiss profile pic Alumni

where was quality control??



Ste7en profile pic Alumni

why was this even submitted for scoring? We all know its going to get a 4.96, so just print it already.

Monkey II
Monkey II profile pic Alumni

$5 ahahaha

OlliRudi profile pic Alumni

So THAT'S what Moss' job is.




Wow, look at those knee caps!


skaw for the win!


shimala on Jun 14 '06
5 colors!

Well clearly, this is Threadless Select material!

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

This is a brilliant piece of "outsider art". Clearly looking at this, the artist isn't familiar the industry standards used in this style of design. He didn't use the standard Adobe Products. It looks as though he uses basic MS Paint to snub his nose at convention. I applaud this effort.
He uses 5 colors to break the mold of the 4 color limit that "The Man" has set upon the artist. "The Man" in this case would the people at the top of Threadless who make the decisions. Clearly this artist just wants to piss off "The Man". I give kudos to the artist for this BRAVE move.
The subject matter is a bit crude and doesn't really seem to fit with the typical style of threadless shirts. The artist has gone in a new direction, forging new paths in what is "art" and what isn't "art". I say, POOP JOKES ARE ART! I tip my hat to you, Mr. Skaw. You have looked past the common perceptions to find something beautiful in that which is excreted from our bodies.

One might say this artist doesn't know anything about tshirt designs at all......
Sure, it may look that way, but this artist obviously has a grasp on what he has tackled here. He studied the art of tshirt design, learned the rules, and then broke every single one of those rules. Some might just see a terrible drawing of a man holding poop. But I....I see a young man's dream to change not only how we view Threadless, but how we view T-shirt designing as a whole!

I salute you Mr. Skaw. You have definantly created your own trend. And your trend is helping poop log at a time.

5, and I will buy this.

colt83 profile pic Alumni

I'm sorry, but I can't get on board with this. I do commend you for following your heart.


Pooppacker has a permanent case the stink palm, greet him with a wave not a handshake.

staffell profile pic Alumni

oh naivety is such a beautiful thing


i think this is a nice time for a hearty "lolz." about a limited edition print?


Clearly this artist just wants to piss off "The Man". I give kudos to the artist for this BRAVE move.

Since when is Threadless "The Man"?

This is fucking retarded. Yes, I see what you're going for, and it's still fucking retarded.


dayla on Jun 20 '06
Since when is Threadless "The Man"?

This is fucking retarded. Yes, I see what you're going for, and it's still fucking retarded.

No, clearly you don't get what he's going for. Nor did you catch jpiatt's comment, either. You guys might want to noet skaw's comment on this sub, maybe take a look at his profile …


I detest this like no other.


haha my brothers name is jake!!

plastikaa profile pic Alumni

anyone who knows who jake is scored a 5... anyone who doesnt scored a 0.

Going on that with a score of 0.77 - thats about 303/1969 people actually got the joke... oh dear.

(if you scored anything else apart from 0 or 5 then haha, you dont know who jake is but slightly like this joke design - which is dam crazy)


Ugh.. been done a million times


Torakamikaze profile pic Alumni

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, holy shit how did I miss this?

Not only is it the most brilliant piece of art Ive seen in years (or perhaps my entire life), but it really connects with people. We've all had that moment in our life when we were carrying Jake's poop through the pipes and into the sewers. Too many people have lashed out at this because they're too busy denying that essential part of life. "I never carried Jake's poop. I have upstanding values... I'd at least put it in a basket." Poppycock! The fact of the matter is, everyone... at some point... has grabbed a couple of jakes logs IN THEIR HANDS and taken them to the sewers. You can't deny the past... and after all, there's a reason you were given the title of Chief Holdingpoo. It's your destiny! Its really a shame that this didnt score an 80.808080 because so many of you couldnt come to terms with your past. I am shocked and appalled to see this get left behind. For shame

Ellsswhere profile pic Alumni

the fact that you used the plural of poop makes this that much better... it might be a huge financial blunder but this should be a short run


This is so perfect. Jake has illustrated here EXACTLY what he wants each and every Threadless submission to look like. Hooray!

Andreas Mohacsy
Andreas Mohacsy profile pic Alumni

still the best design ever... i wonder on how many different accounts i will end up commenting on this

Woss profile pic Alumni






dhendy profile pic Staff

Can we print this? LIKE NOW!

Andreas Mohacsy
Andreas Mohacsy profile pic Alumni

1163 days since i first called for a print, what's taking so fucking long???????????????

B 7
B 7 profile pic Alumni


dschwen profile pic Alumni



print yo


this design is hilarious!

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