My Life as Sea-Monster Snack Food

Design by Verdana

My Life as Sea-Monster Snack Food by Verdana on Threadless
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Verdana profile pic Artist

Also: Please ignore the typo in the shirt blurb. =]

ladykat profile pic Alumni

very cool! both dark and funny.

adam antium
adam antium profile pic Alumni

i like it.


Wow. Seriously neat. Is the text on it? Maybe on the back?

She looks a little like she has a beard, but that might just be because the picture's small. Do you have a closeup?


all of these greek mythology subs are rocking my socks off, and this one is no exception. excellent work.

little g
little g profile pic Alumni

Great job yet again!

Luke... profile pic Alumni

great subtle duel background


Unleash the Kraken!

mikemills profile pic Alumni

Hey, nicely done!

Verdana profile pic Artist

The text isn't meant to be on the shirt at all. It was just some background for the Greek Mythology theme that is going on.


Perseus, good man.
Can't resist a The Sure Thing quote when the opportunity arises.

cool shirt.

stingerstyler profile pic Alumni

nice one! i like the big eyes, haha. it's a bit hard to see in this presentation but it looks good.

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