My last cigarette

Design by sustici

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I think it would be a lot better without the frame of the picture - incorporate it into the shirt a little more, maybe extend out the tiles so that they fade out... that'd be neat. :]


yeah, drop the whole picture frame and text...just let it be the smoldering cigarette in the urinal with the name of the shirt left as is. i love the drawing though, and think it could be great, but with changes.


I'm usually the first person to say "LOSE THE FRAMES", but in he case of this being a polaroid, I think it works as part of the design. Having said that, a bit of drop shadow or curving up at the bottom could do wonders for the pic, lest it looks too flat. Any shirt with a urinal on, I'll have to vote at least a 4 though.


i actually like the frame. im normally against boxed up designs but i think this design won't work as well without the polaroid frame :)


but i dont think a lot of non smokers would buy the shirt though


The design itself is nice, lines are clean, and ideas is good, but I personally don't like anything related to smoking. This is just my opinion, no offense.


love polaroid. nice work.


like it on red.

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