My Imagination Parade

Design by swiftfox

My Imagination Parade by swiftfox on Threadless
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Agreed! Wicked idea!

Hi my name is

Its kinda hard to see whats going on here, but either way nice illo.

walmazan profile pic Alumni

great, just great!, i like it


Love the colours and shading. Well done!


Haha, funny, when I saw this design in reminded me of the dream parade in Paprika, which is a Japanese film by a guy whose style is similar to Miyazaki's. So it's interesting to see others say it looks like the spirits of Miyazaki's films. Still looks good though, I would prefer to see it on a darker shirt. I think it would stick out more like that.


reminds me of the imaginary parade in paprika...maybe a little too much.

arctictiger profile pic Alumni

Alien Hominid?

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