My Heart Exposed

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My Heart Exposed by Qba on Threadless
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olie! profile pic Alumni

Plus, the 'ripped' t-shirt parts make the t-shirt look like it is made out of a tin-foil like material.

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

i think it needs to be shrunk a tiny tiny bit and moved completely off the sleeve.


th e hearts too big and there arent enough ribs.


I really like this, a lot, but I agree with above - it should be more centered and might look really cool if you put the sternum with a big hole in it or something. It rocks tho!

Closet Weevil

I would like to see this in black as well. It's a little too far off to the side, so as others said, it should be moved towards the center (of course still offset to the left). Also I think you need to flip the ribs, they should be coming up towards each other on the side farther from the center. I'm not trying to pick at your anatomy, because I agree you don't need to have drawn the anatomy perfectly, but I think you do need to fix the ribs.


this is an awesome idea, would be even sweeter on a navy shirt


I love the black, and I'm with jmarti88, not everything has to be absolutely anatomically correct. I think this is pretty damn close. It's a $5 for me!

roadkill3d profile pic Alumni

just a little resizing of the design and this is all set. still $5 for great illustration.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I've seen it before, but i like it every time when it's done well. It's like the Hulk had a heart attack and it ripped through the tee!


Please put it on black! Also I agree with fixing the ribs and moving the placement slightly to the centre a little. Also perhaps the ribs could be a little less yellow. However I like that the heart looks more like a brain :)

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