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My Generation by rich_umetoys on Threadless
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rich_umetoys profile pic Artist

My Generation - If you older than 20 look in your drawers and you'll bound to find an old iPod hiding in there. abandoned and left to fester under an unpaired sock because you 'had' to have the latest pod.

This T-shirt is a tribute to those fallen pods as well as a celebration of the current crop.

Farnell profile pic Alumni

Love this design - I sometimes still use my classic second generation ipod.


This design makes my underpants tremble with admiration. Also, anything that celebrates my humble 1st generation shuffle gets my vote. I’d wear it on a night out with JLS. We’d go to Laser Quest.



James T Kirk

The ipod seems to be inspiring more than one design submission.... love this one.

MEKAZOO profile pic Alumni

if you're over 20 you'd probably have a walkman that still works, a discman that won't read cds anymore and more than 5 broken headphones. I find this very busy and lazy sorry.

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