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My Friend Todd

Design by bananaphone

My Friend Todd by bananaphone on Threadless
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OlliRudi profile pic Alumni

this is awesome


bananaphone just please stop. Just stop.

le_hell profile pic Alumni

this is fantastic, i love all your work, great job. and dont you ever dare to stop

bananaphone profile pic Artist

Yes this is one of the most tasteless designs because if you zoom in the colours are made up of pictures of jesus on a cross...


It looks like he's blowing the hot dog, or choking on it.

Please, for love of god, only submit one per week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


pease stop making these

bananaphone profile pic Artist

Matt Giraffe:

ok rooster, but only if you stop using threadless as if it's myspace

bananaphone profile pic Artist

It's not like they are submitted in real time, they sit around for like a week before threadless throw them all up. Think before you post. And gee, maybe other people actually like them.

bananaphone profile pic Artist

oh yes, and for a "psychology geek" you really are slow.

hogboy profile pic Alumni

I lurve it... keep the randomness rolling... It rules


how do you tell someone "stop submitting your designs" or "quit wasting your time". no one has a right to do that; why don't you go work on your own submissions and beat mr. bananaphone out if you're so concerned about any of these getting printed. people are out of their minds when confronted with something that doesn't look like everything else.

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