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My Favorite Button Badge by Flying Mouse on Threadless
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Flying Mouse
Flying Mouse profile pic Artist
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Thanks to Ladykat, Ytfelmi/Jocey, J-Ray and Margolove be a model for this shirt. You guys will get a free shirt from me if this design get printed :) Thank you!

Flying Mouse
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There have few artists done a Button Badge sub before, I'm the 3rd one here, thanks to Canadianbeaver and Bramish for this info.

See GLOW IN THE DARK here. Cat skull rock! Hope you enjoy it:)

courtney pie

this would save me the trouble of buying/finding buttons! pirate kitty ftw! hahaha



im sorry FM, but i feel like your ideas are deteriorating to common conceptions. don't get me wrong, you're a far better artist than i could ever be, but I think you should try getting some better ideas, maybe with frickinawesome.

Flying Mouse
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L.T, I still have a ton of ideas in hand need to work it out, so won't do any collab in this moment. If you don't like this one, maybe check out my other subs. Thanks for your advice ;)

ladykat profile pic Alumni

Love the glow version and the composition :-)

pyr4lis profile pic Alumni

I think this is really fun! Personally I prefer the newly designed buttons... they just seem so geeky. Kinda like little space invaders or something :P

Also I think FM is getting better and better. Honestly I don't think his designs are "deteriorating" at all!!! This is still a really fun shirt! And just because an idea has been done before doesn't make the it any less imaginative or new.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni
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ouch LT. I agree this isn't one of FM's most original ideas, but I like Flying Mouse's take on this concept, especially with the glow in the dark buttons! I wouldn't wear it, but i like it! Thanks tho LT for the suggestion of doing some subs with me....Flying Mouse are you listening??? lol. The only thing better than your wonderful works is two heads knocking around an awesome idea!

also LT, have you seen Fm's other account Feishu's works? They are some of the best things i've seen on Threadless in a long time.

BubuSam profile pic Alumni

Looks really nice on shirt!! $5

Bisparulz profile pic Alumni

Great work with the halftones. 5$


I just thing the badges on shirt designs are getting a little cliche, it is nothing against your design in particular as I am a fan of skulls and cats and skull cats but just not all together portrayed in this style.

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