My cat has Tourettes

Design by rhyminboy

My cat has Tourettes by rhyminboy on Threadless
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rhyminboy profile pic Artist

I'm pretty sure this wont go over too well with the overly sensitive P.C. world we live in.
I'm not judging or making fun of anyone. I'm just saying, what if animals were afflicted with the same diseases we have such as Tourettes Syndrome. How would you know?

rhyminboy profile pic Artist

Kitten Tourettes? Really? What was i thinking? Sorry. But i did have fun drawing it.


I'm not offended at all, it's a funny idea.

BubbleHezza profile pic Alumni

OMG - I love everything about it. Wish I was wearing it right now

Binxent profile pic Alumni

Hahaha. Nice one!

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