My Beautiful Rescue

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yeap... this is my first submission... I reallyhope you enjoy it!
I've been listening to MAE's new album since the webisodes on their site, and i'm trying here to show my idea of singularity from the songs.

"... the singularity is clear from the distance... so i'd die here to fall in love with home."


This I like...I dont know why, but I just do

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wooow... thanks for the comments!!!
i've tried to pass some loneliness on the artwork, but the boy is hopeful, so he will return home someday.

i guess...


Yes the boy completes the illustration. Reminds me much of that AI movie.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I really like the horizontal tree trunk. I have no idea why it scratches a part of my brain that finds this appealing, but just be happy it does! lol. Nice work.

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so... i put the scratches and the "trees" to represent a sobrenatural world without life, and I choose the dark gray to reaffirm it.
The singularity concept is all in the imagination of this kid, 'cause it's unique and original. And I gave that name for the shirt to show how he's gonna be saved... through his own imagination.

But thanks for the comments and the questions too!!!


i love the concept of this shirt. i think its a wonderful idea and i think that you captured it really well. i absolutely love it!


I really love the look of this 5$

bujica profile pic Artist

thanks everyone!

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