My World Is Square

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My World Is Square by Onyx05 on Threadless
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This has been rejected once, so I don't have high hopes for it, but I can't resist giving it one last try before the deadline. My take on the popular theme of floating minecraft worlds. It seems ironic to use a small floating cube for a game about vast infinite worlds, but I think this nicely captures the feeling you get when you've established a home for yourself in the game world, when you have "your" territory.

Uses 6 base colours (including black and white), and Simulated Process with black ink to get different shades.




Well done, a 5 for you!


Really cool...


$5 :D

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Well, looks like this isn't going to be one of the top designs. I'm not too surprised. Looking through the other entries, I really should have picked something other than a world cube, as it's been a very common idea amongst all the minecraft submissions. Thanks to everyone for stopping by, I'm glad at least a couple folks like it.

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