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mute ... ...?NO by simonstep on Threadless
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if you could hand-draw the treble clef? that would be what makes this shirt perfect.


My opinion: take out the musical bars and the treble clef and all the extra dolphins. *Especially" the one that looks like it's floating between the main two. Right now the musical notation makes it far too saccharine. And there's really no need for the other dolphins.

Interesting fact: dolphins travel in pods. Pods . . . Music . . . Sounds like . . . ?

Anyhow, I like the concept, but it would benefit from a MAJOR paring down.


when you look at the shirt from a distance, it looks like these dudes are wearing glasses...because the eyes fade away under the headphones


uh huh, consider it $5


uh huh, consider it $5


nice job

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