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empiricist profile pic Artist

After winning my first Threadless design and purchasing many T-shirts, I still find myself needing more! In the morning I can't decide what shirt I want to wear, sometimes I just want to wear them all. This is where I came up with my idea, I hope you enjoy it :)

courtney pie

hahaha. makes me think of A Christmas Story

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

haha. ha. aww...i wanna be at teh store.

herky profile pic Alumni

lol, cool illustration and colors.

Monkey III
Monkey III profile pic Alumni

I wouldn't want to wear this as a shirt, but...
This would make a great poster for them at the store.
Maybe you get commision for that ^^

jstumpenhorst profile pic Alumni

haha! i agree with monkey III. i don't think this is a shirt they would look to print but maybe a great poster for them or i guess a special even type shirt. either way i like the illustration!

viralVISUAL profile pic Alumni

I think its great


but this is only my opinion...bye!


FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni
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It looks great on the shirt and would be something i'd wear WAAAAY before the straight-up "Threadless" logo shirts that have been printed in the past. I feel this way sometimes too. The girl falling down looks great, but the kid looks like the neck of his shirt is swallowing his head. Maybe get some artist's apporval of your favorite or most iconic threadless tees to put smaller version of the designs on the dude's tee and models in the window. nice work!


I think you did a really nice job on the illustration of this design! And I'd wear this! It looks nice being shown as a tee!! $5

empiricist profile pic Artist

Thanks for the kind comments everyone :)

Frickinawesome- Thanks for the comment first of all. Second, I watched this video on youtube as a reference for the head. The shirts do swallow your head, its kind of funny check it out.

I also thought about adding some iconic threadless shirts on the display and on the guy, but I really didn't know which shirts to chose. The threadless staff could decide which shirts should be displayed, and I could go in later and add them? It would be a surprise to the Threadless community which artist designs were chosen once it came out for print, but with their approval of course.


Clever and visually pleasing!


Hilarious. Although I don't particularly like the idea of wearing an advertisement, this would be a good store-only shirt.


many of us don't want to wear a brand name, but if you changed the name of the store to something more generic like 'shirts', i'd wear it because i like the design a lot. it made me giggle.

melh696 profile pic Alumni

hilarious. :)


great and I would definitely wear it! $5

carvas profile pic Alumni

ohh very good this!

empiricist profile pic Artist

Lets say my characters names are Sally and Joe. Sally and Joe love to buy Threadless designer shirts, they think it is so awesome to wear the art of artists. So Sally and Joe buy a couple shirts, which they begin to love, so they buy a couple more, and soon their closets begin to fill with these awesome shirts! They wake up every morning excited to wear one of their Threadless shirts, they both begin to become more indecisive as to which shirt they want to wear for the day. A light bulb then flashes brightly in their minds, “Ah-Hah, I will wear all of my shirts at ONCE!” So it's Friday in Chicago and both Sally and Joe have a long lunch hour, so they decide to make a quick stop into Threadless to get a sneak peek at the next week winners.

* This is the moment in the story, which I illustrated.
Joe wearing all of his favorite shirts walks out with his re-usable Threadless bag to pick up all the newest shirts fresh of the press. As Joe gives thumbs up another die-hard fan Sally, crawls down the sidewalk being weighed down by all her favorite shirts. Sally, another fan reaches out for the door with a burning desire that she Must Get Another Shirt!

empiricist profile pic Artist

Thanks for your comments :)

Yeah, that would be cool if the community designs could be used towards Threadless promotions as well, kind of like an in house designer.

Ava Adore

hahaha awesome! $5

empiricist profile pic Artist

My mind is always flowing with a creative consciousness, it's just a natural thing for me.

Thanks to everyone who commented on this piece, I appreciate your feedback, questions, and ideas.

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