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herky profile pic Alumni

great illustration and caricatures, nice work


what ifffff you added (2 or 4) more to make the design go down farther on the shirt?

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

agree with resistealeau..why not go all the way down since it's already to big to be actually center? Plus, WHERE THE HELL ARE THE THOMPSON TWINS ON THIS SHIRT?!?!?!

Ava Adore

mmmmm nice, be cool if there were different notes on them aswell :D

nonolarson profile pic Alumni

Nicely done!!

The Ending

Nice work! Maybe each note could be worth a different musical note?

g-regulate profile pic Alumni

i like this, but i actually think you should have less bills, not more. maybe limit it to just the dead ones. this would free up your composition, so you can add a bit of flutter to the bills, and some variation in the scale. at the moment it looks a little static. great idea though!

cheripoffs profile pic Alumni

cool work, i love meticulous pieces like this $5


yeah, all your bill shave the same serial number.... I agree with limiting it and adding some variety, nice idea, though

mezo profile pic Alumni

This is a supurb concept. I thought Madonna was J-Lo, which would have made 100% sense since J-Lo is the Queen of Talent. By the way, 'talent' is the new word for 'too much booty in the pants'.


the illustrations are great.


one of the better money subs around


The Ozzy face is hysterical.

staffell profile pic Alumni

great effort man


great job on this!

KID_Z profile pic Alumni

is that ozzy on the left?

dacat profile pic Alumni

This shirt rocks big time!


Beatles forever. $5. but is this kosher with trademark laws, etc?

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

great illustrations nice detail .. really good work your best yet


This shirt is not for me, but I can appreciate the ppl and design. I also love concept. You did as awesome job and I know ppl who would make so much sweet love to this shirt they would be arrested.

$5, i'd buy it for friends and hell...I think I would buy it for myself now XP


i really want this.. can threadless plz print this??? :]

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