Musical Macaroni

Design by velvetsamurai

Musical Macaroni by velvetsamurai on Threadless
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That is one messed up French Horn



velvetsamurai profile pic Artist

I just wanted to let people know that it is a real horn. it is not a commonly played instrament, i referenced it because i think it has some really cool curves that are interesting and draw the eye in.
and by the way, the comments are suppost to be constructive, and respectful. if you dont like something, try and offer some constructive advice that actually helps instead of belittles

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

wow, this is really different and I like it a lot.

velvetsamurai profile pic Artist

The 5 is the score they gave, and $ meaning they also checked the "id buy it" box.

The macaroni would be visable from the shirt, its just a small low resolution picture so thats why it doesnt appear so there. As for my reasoning for music and macaroni, its fun, and sort of references the macaroni art that you do in preeschool.




I'm sorry this scored so low. I just found this print, and I like it a lot on the red, vertically. You choose good colors for your shirts, and have a good style.

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