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Music Snob

Design by spencer fruhling

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spencer fruhling
spencer fruhling profile pic Artist
Design inspired by 80's cassette labels. I'm sure I'll hear about how some of these genres actually exist. Bring it on.
Band Geek
You get a five just for the indie klezmer.
Dan3423 profile pic Alumni
HAHAHA this is awsome!!! please make this win!
Superb concept. Would have liked to see Christian death metal up there. Also, two words that traditionally don't do well together is "children" and "Hardcore"...........Don't think you thought that one through...........................................
I LOVE THIS. I WOULD BUY THIS. 5-ity I'm really surprised at how much i enjoy this, ha. I can't decide if Bubblegum Blues or Underground Yodeling is my favorite..
Great idea!! afro country lmfao. I really dig this.
instrumental hiphop is actually good : D but yeah, this is great and it would definitely suit many of my friends. they truly are music snobs, heh... 5!
How about klingon rap ?
death jazz does exist check out the band called Stinking Lizaveta i love coming up with stupid genres too: speed reggae industrial gospel satanic hip hop Nordic 4 step garage
haha, children's hardcore! Fabulous. Def. buy.
love $5
definitely $5
this is SO gonna win. children listen to hard core tho...round here any way. bloody gadgie's with there trackies and mobile phone music on the bus Grrrrr! you should change it to "childrens beer drinking songs" ha ha
haha i like indie klezmer
Id buy for sure. love it 5$
i like it although the images remind me of old atari cartridges.
more heat than light
Genius. I agree we need something with a 'post' prefix on. How about 'Post-Organic Ragga'? And yeah, out with the Children's Hardcore. But yeah, brilliant design. 5.
The Jolly Brewer
Brilliant!!! love it. I hope they go with this one.... unless I sub then I want that to win.
By strange coincidence I opened my paper today ( The Independent ,UK ) and there was a guide to " Musics baffling proliferating genres ". The following are all true :- Acid-rave-sci-punk-funk, Black Ambient, Folk Metal, Hardbag, Janglepop, Mathrock, Musique Concrete, Porn Rock, Queercore, Shoegaze, Xoomii ( Asian Yodelling) and Zombi Hip-Hop !
FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni
i for one am ALL ABOUT underground yodeling. But rule one is not talking about it existing! You musta missed the charter member meeting. anywho, love this design, but kinda wished it went down on the shirt further. Still something i'd wear.
Congrats on the score Spencer, lets hope it wins for yer.
Mikko Terva
Mikko Terva profile pic Alumni
this is a killer design.
This didn't make it? Aw.... You should totally repost it, as I would have bought one instantly D:
chippos profile pic Alumni
I WANT A ZIP UP HOODIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! REPRINT!!!!!!!!!
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