Music Isolation Vacation

Design by Major M

Music Isolation Vacation by Major M on Threadless
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Major M
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If you work hard theres nothing better than having a break and hear some good music to dream and isolate you from familiar surroundings.

yea what ever, hope you like it

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Love it


Nice pic 4


Nice concept~ like it~

Major M
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Thanks. :)



Mr Vela

really cool!


Very nice!

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FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Great idea, love the way you fade the bottom to the top's mind vacation. Would love to see the bottom of the design in the faded look and becoming more bold and real at the top to show this is the true reality this worker's mind is existing in right now. Still awesome idea/illo.

Major M
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Thanks girls and guys!

@frickinawesome: yeah, that could look very cool and would emphasize the idea behind the design more clearly, too bad i hadn't the idea before


I really think that somehow, the escape-world should be separated more from the real world and one needs to be emphasized. Perhaps a thought bubble would work? Right now, the idea is understandable, but not clear. Plus, the sunrise over the ocean could use some tweaking. Not a big fan of the three lines under the sun. Other than that, it's a cool idea and a clean style, and it would look great on a shirt. But I think it could use some work first. I'm giving it a 3.


Love this design!!!....

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