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loglow profile pic Alumni

Ok, this has potential! A number of things...

The top of the pot seems too shallow, and comes accross as a little awkward--needs some tweakage.

Also, the headphones aren't reading correctly, especially from a distance. It was a good idea to make them negative, but it doesn't work. It just looks like his head is a weird shape and too small. Try making them positive or a different color.

The burner that his hand is above is too small.

Also, remove the text, since the design speaks for itself.

Good work!


Good drawing, good idea. Would be So much better with a font with a bit of style, scaled down a couple sizes, and not so tight up next to the drawing. Ditto on mjim's comment. Keep it up!


nice concept. remove the text and fix the pot.

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

good concept, pot is definately looking weird at a wrong angle though.

bortwein profile pic Alumni

No text and add a flame under the pot then you'd be golden. Or at least bronze.


Loving it !!

Might possibly like it more without the text but ill give it a 5 nonetheless !!


Robsoul profile pic Alumni

lose the type, that's pretty funny, I dig it.


niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice!! 5!



they are burning!
damn you!!!

like the concept!


The size and angles on the pot and the burner below his hand need to be fixed, plus lose the text. 3 now, with those changes it would be a 5.


FANTASTIC, would buy, except the headphones take a chunk out of his head; define the outside edge and you've got yourself a shirt.

Oh, and kill the text. It's totally unnecessary, detracts from the point, and just comes off as overkill.

Other than that, LOVE it.

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