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WhitneyBeth profile pic Artist

Inspired by the poster art from the Fillmore auditorium in San Francisco in the 60s and 70s. Hope you like it!


Awesome, Super clean use of halftones. Great work!

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

this is GREAT! - love the typography, color scheme - 5$ for you

WhitneyBeth profile pic Artist

thanks, guys. i was afraid that nobody on this site would understand the design style because everybody here is so young! but i tend to think that this fits really well with the theme of the competition. i appreciate the comments!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni
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Love the concept, but not a fan of the colors chosen as others have stated. The hair is too bright and overshadows the rest of the piece. Really like the emotion and sentiment of this tho. Good work!


i really think this is a great design.... but those colors are pretty ugly

how bout some options?

WhitneyBeth profile pic Artist

sadly, i'm off to bed for the night, but if it's still up for scoring tomorrow morning, i'll post some more options :-)

WhitneyBeth profile pic Artist

here is a link to a large size with a different color scheme.

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