Music Frees The Soul

Design by ctmeziere

Music Frees The Soul by ctmeziere on Threadless
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I love this one!


I don't really like the circular head (?) in the middle but the rest is great.


you got a high rez of the design?

whirzle1 profile pic Alumni

I think the headphones / head should be much more defined to match with the intricate line work you're using. Maybe if the headphones were at an angel with a better perspective it would look more interesting. Right now, it looks like you spent a lot of time placing swashes and splatter and no time considering the real focal point of your design.

whirzle1 profile pic Alumni

I think you're losing the correlation between the subject and the action because of the extremity in forms.


i think what punisher's trying to say is that we've seen plenty of these tee's with the amorphous music listener or other... and i read your idea up top. it just seems to be missing something. like a differentiation of the listener and the exploding result because otherwise, a lot of us are just seeing another pair of headphones with a cool splatter/design.

i want to like this more.

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