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music box

Design by pweye


Robsoul profile pic Alumni

well done, very nice. I would want it smaller on the printed shirt though

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

I keep coming back to this design... maybe fliped horizontal too.

I hope this wins, very stylin


What is society coming to, when people don't know how to read properly?

1) There's an icon in the upper right corner of the page stating that this design is a submission for the Urb Contest. Go read the guidelines for it.

2) In the designer's own words, stated in the first comment posted on this page (which is nearly always an explanation by the designer): " for the URB competition - yes, more cassettes and records"


Oh, and jamesa272, I'm absolutely dying to see one of your own submissions.

pweye profile pic Artist

Thanks for all the comments. A special shout to Eskimokiss and Robsoul.

To Robsoul and greenfroggies - yes you're right it does look good flipped. In fact it looks good anyway round at least to my eye.

To worshipyourtoaster - Yes both designs are flat and in a grid layout but it is precisely the fact that my design is not quite solid on the grid that makes it fundamentally different (i'd like to think). But thanks for your comment anyway.

Now to jamesa272 and entwidomela - .... I have noticed you both leaving the exact same comment on various submissions that use cassettes and records. All these submissions are for a competition with that theme and someone has spent a greater or lesser amount of time and effort on these designs. So if you have anything to say about each Unique design you see here please make the effort to leave a Unique response. It would take less time and be less effort than actually submitting something 'Unique' of your own.

pweye profile pic Artist

I'm going to get really angry soon. For fuck sake it's for a competition about audio equipment. I don't care if you're sick of the concept - don't bother writing that here.


graphics a tad too large but it's def a nice concept. fantastic work. print it!


Elberggreno, we would like to see a pic.

But nice design anyway, especially the colors. I also ended up buying it ;)

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