Muppets Go Global

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Mmmmm dat Piggeh.


So when can I order this shirt?


A poem. . Ode to the Owner of the Coolest Muppets Shirt .... So many great elements, .. and good story tell-ing .. The smiling of teeth and occasional yelling, .... "Hey stop let me see the front of your shirt" .. "is that a bear or is that a Burt?" .. "I'm sorry to point and I hope it won't hurt" .... "If I had my glasses I'd give you more space, .. but I'm quite happy getting close to your face." .... And finally I notice your strong lack of glee .. "I'll leave you alone since your frowning at me." .... (yep, for me your design is the best, Aaron)


Great concept and amazing execution of it!

justonescarf profile pic Artist

Thanks, everyone!!! Had a great time designing this. Your feedback is appreciated!


Love it awesome dude!great idea

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