Mummy Love

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i know skeletons/mummies/other figures of death are "cliche" by now but this is absolutely adorable. 5.

Ava Adore

very nice illustration.
it looks great with many different colour variations.
the brown/light brown an cream tees are my fav's.


Just because I heard it levitates, I want to buy two of them.


I gotta say I'm enjoying the hyrogliphs more than the shirt. :\ Maybe that could be your next submission. hehe


umm I'm sorry, but I just have to point out this. the jar should actually be a canopic jar. I would like it more that way, but It doesn't really matter because most people wouldn't know that anyway. I only do becausestudying ancient egyptian culture is my total hobby.

that is why I would buy it!

pseudonymjones profile pic Artist

Hahah, yes! I know all about canopic jars. I know that they certainly weren't made of glass, too. I am also relatively sure that the Egyptians left the heart inside the body for mummification ANYHOW (only keeping the heart, lungs, intenstines, and liver in jars), and that mummies didn't walk around and use their powers of levitation to give things to one another, so this shirt design is ALL SORTS OF INNACURATE.

But it's still kinda cute, right?

(PS: thanks for the kind words, everybody!)


yeah, they usually did leave the heart . but thats ok, Its amazing. I think I'd buy it if it wins.


I love how you wrote the color in whatever it's called.


After looking at all your stuff man I'd have to say your one of the best designers on the site right now. Keep it up.


I want the maroon. or dark green shirt


I wish this had been printed it is very very cute

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