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mud pi by KristenKC on Threadless
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KristenKC profile pic Artist

oh, mud pi. how tasty!

this is a hand drawn design. be assured that no photoshop spatter brushes or filters were used in the creation of this design.

be sure to look closely at the design to find all the little critters making up the mini ecosystem that could be placed on your chest.

as i was meticulously drawing this out, i was thinking a bit about how the nature of the dirt and the mud are organic and always changing where the number pi has and will always be strict and rigid and the same. nevertheless, both properties are perfect. they're perfect and delicately balanced.

so that is my nerdy description not really even meant for overanalyzing. all in all, it's a pun!

thanks guys


definitely diggin this

jmeaspls profile pic Alumni

awesome! white tee would look best imo.



Starrfold profile pic Alumni

"skeev" is a funny word. I really like the drawing a lot. Very nicely done. Definitely on a sand/white/light colored shirt.

Hopie Dopie

Even though I hate maths, this so rocks - I would so buy thsi for my friends!!!!!! :D


Hahaz, that's why i hate the 3.1415... thing!

KristenKC profile pic Artist

thanks for the support, everyone. my fellow nerds, have a piece of my pi.

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