Mt. Rushmonster

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finkenstein profile pic Artist

George, Thomas, Theodore and Abraham what has become of you? Radioactive mars meteor? Alien space rays? Either way something has gone terribly wrong with this national monument! Who will save our forefathers? Who will save us?!

Looks best on Cream and silver grey, also good on Orange and kelly green.

abeadle profile pic Alumni

this is so awesome fink! $5


This design makes me laugh. :)

I posted about it on, by the way. Good luck!

DesignbyProxy profile pic Alumni

good to see you're back. love it.



finkenstein profile pic Artist

N20- I had never seen the indivisable design until this point. It is pretty cute. He's got some other amazing designs too.
I think this popped into my head when I was working on a little animation of Mt. Rushmore for work. I was trying to think of what the monument could possibly do in an animation, and I thought...destroy a city maybe?

Montro profile pic Alumni

very cool!!


great design, a 5 in concept, but a few technical observations: Lincoln is the one who stands out first when I look at this, due to his raised arm and long legs - he's longer-looking and thus bigger than the rest. It may only be me (I'm a big fan of balance) but his lankyness gives the mosnter an imbalanced look.
Also, the title helps me understand what's going on, but before I saw the title, it looked like four real men squished together as they attack a city. Mt. Rushmonster doesn't look "rocky" enough. Maybe you could give Rushmonster a more mountainous, rockier look. Like the orange "Thing" from Fantastic Four.

But if the Threadless community and staff like it and this does get printed, great! it's a great concept and I'd be tempted to buy it. 5.


this is awesome

so glad to see you have a sub up again



This reminds me of something I saw on a Superman comic once where Mount Rushmore attacks him!

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