Mr Santiago Flies Again

Design by jrmasm

Mr Santiago Flies Again by jrmasm on Threadless
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I don't know the whole story behind Mr. Santiago, but damn, he makes for a wicked t-shirt. ^_^ 5$


this is something i think i would wear, id like a center placement with a big print but it still looks good in the corner as well!

especially love the colors! great job!

jrmasm profile pic Artist

I like the text as well, but didn't include on the t-shirt, but that could be certainly fixed
It is an ode to my ol' pal and these are his colors. So I felt I needed to be true. A friend said, "I both really hate and love those colors all at the same time." Regardless of how you feel, I thank you checking out my design and as always comments are apprecited and all opinions respected.


I really like this but im not a fan of the placing, fix that and its a $5

jrmasm profile pic Artist spelling just sucks.

cbuchholz profile pic Alumni

I once had a very similar friend named Mr. Santiago. His mother and I used to hang out in the grocery store. That is, until he was tragically killed in an applelanch. :(
sad... But I give your shirt a 5$$$!

skello2 profile pic Alumni

love say no type on the final though

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

i just like the character and teh over all design you put him in .. nice job


i had a stuffed friend called teddy two eyes maybe he was a distant relative of Mr Santiago...i'd buy this shirt purely as a homage to him.


I love Mr. Santiago. I love his colors, his stripes, his gorgeous ears. And I love the guy below him withoutstretched arms. Is that you, jrmasm? Can you try him on darker colored shirts? Maybe a chocolate or dark red?


damn good job.


i love the design colors and the stripes !... and excellent perspective. i'm not completely sold on the shirt colors yet but maybe they'll grow on me ... I think sagestone is the best that you have up there ... It might look nice on natural, too :)

Rhowan Rules

I would love to see this on a brown shirt or some of the other darker colors in the design - $5

mezo profile pic Alumni

Very cool main character...not sure if he toally works with the other elements that are of a different style. But good job on Mr. Santiago!



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