Mr. Mutton Chop

Design by finkenstein

Mr. Mutton Chop by finkenstein on Threadless
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there's so much going on with the rest of his hair, the chops don't seem all that important


i agree with chelly, its more like Mr. Mullet with tall hair and more of sideburns.... but i like the drawing.


But the mutton chops are the hairball's fingers, aren't they?

pseudonymjones profile pic Alumni

And: there are only four colors. Two browns for the hair/outlines, the skin tone, and the light blue. The dark blue of the collar is the color of the t-shirt.

mikemills profile pic Alumni

Love it. 5$


this reminds me of that one episode of rocko's modern life where rocko and heffer went to the movie theatre and they saw a preview about some killer hair called "the doo". lol not bad though.

r.o.b.o.t.i.c.octopus profile pic Alumni

haha let's gove JESS FINK! advice about drawing and designing. wait, no, she don't need it! she's a badass!

take it for what it is.

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