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NikHolmes profile pic Artist

Mr Creative, your friendly neighbourhood dime a dozen designer has it all! An iPhone, a Mac Powerbook, a vast collection of limited edition vinyl figures and a lifetime subscription to Clutter magazine. The only thing he lacks is any discernible creative ability...

NikHolmes profile pic Artist

Woohooo, he's up! Thanks for commenting son yohan, much appreciated. Now let's all sit and watch as this tee crawls up and dies, admitting defeat after two glorious days in the Threadless sunshine. That's my boy!

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

i think you could have done a lot more with the rainbow's trajectory. the overall composition on the shirt at the moment is really bland and... sparse.

NikHolmes profile pic Artist

Thats so true! In hindsight I should have had Mr Creative take a walk down in the bottom left of the tee and filled the whole front with swirling, leaping rainbow arcs. That would have looked alot better! I really dig the colours of the 'bow on that tee and to see it all leapin and lungin'! Wheeeeeeee... I would have liked that.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

the boy fitz hammond on Apr 24 '09
I bet his skid marks rock!


Anywho, this character looks like a missing Clerks Animated Series guy.

NikHolmes profile pic Artist

tbfh - As always, thanks man. And yes, his skid marks do rock, there's a wee pot o' gold at one end!

IDS - Aaah, that other face is horrible and now that is all I can see! My eyes!!

FRICKENAWESOME - Thanks, I reckon. I hope...

illsurge - thanks for the comment man, glad you like. Dig your Sneaker Worship design, thats my kind of deign.


that guy looks like Prof Snape from Harry Potter! I love the rainbow poop colors!

NikHolmes profile pic Artist

Roborock - thanks, and by the way that Queen of Hearts design got my vote, nice illustration.

nenmusicas - thanks man

imsochady - Hee, he does too! Thanks for the comment, but why not vote too while you're here?

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