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Mr. City's Underground by everything on Threadless
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everything profile pic Artist

Mr. City's Underground is the realization of a dream I had about the amazing revolutions that come from the underground of cities. All the quiet amazement that develops within the city, and then is unleashed upon the world as a revolution. Mr. City is all simulated process with a little glow thrown in the mix for luminosity. Yeah!

Mista Twist

My God, that's beautiful. :)

Not often I say that about a shirt, but it's completely blown me away.

5$, without hesitation.


wowzers! this would make an amazing print if they can do it.

dacat profile pic Alumni

Awesome, great style and colors $5


Wow, that is great but I just don't think I'd wear it on a shirt. 5.


gasp so beautiful!!!

everything profile pic Artist

Thanks all for the great comments!

Perhaps Threadless would want to do a limited run of printed pillow cases for those not wanting Mr. City on a shirt. He would guarantee amazingly creative dreams when you slept with him!


I love the light on the brim of his hat...smashing work.


I love this design and yes I would buy it and wear it. It is beautiful


this is the kinda ish they SHOULD be printing. it's like nothing else in the competition.



Wow. I think this is one of the coolest designs I've ever seen on here. That kicks all sorts of ass! $5


what a beautiful design!


reminds me of those airbrush shirts you get at the fair. i'm not sure if i like it, but i think that it's just personal taste. the drawing part of it is very nice.


Give me!!!

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