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I have to agree with homsar. Definitely not worth my $17.


reminds me of when i watched some guy do DDR on like, insane mode or whatever it is. he got a B+ i think.


make it larger and put it in the top right corner... on the shoulder.


or at least make it bigger...

thINK profile pic Alumni

I like the idea


agree with fransmalone... + this:
(1) it works ok how it is... but
(2) you could put it in the center and make it larger i think that would be better, but off to the side is cool too, cuz its just there.. like not in no ones face, ya know
(3) you could make all the arrows point in the opposite direction... of the direction of the main arrow... (also for consistency, and repetition, you should make the big image of the arrow be the dimensions of the smaller ones... only larger... i think right now there is a discrepeny between them..)

the way it is right now is actually a visual representation of a document i wrote recently about the phenomenon of "vectorism"
- you can read it on my FOE account...
it's called...
"the vectorist womanifesto"
it's cann


p.s. thats my interpretation

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