Mount Rockmore

Design by midgetbigot

Mount Rockmore by midgetbigot on Threadless
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kaloyster profile pic Alumni

I know those two, but the stones, who are they?

midgetbigot profile pic Artist

like any caricature you are not producing a realistic likeness but exaggerate prominent features i.e. Mick's lips, Keith's craggy face and glasses, Ron's spiky hair, and charlie watt's grin.

If it helps, I used this photo as a reference.


yeah cock-rock is great blah blah...

actually, no it isn't the Stones Suck




maybe if you rearranged the figures so they assume the position of the heads on the actual Rushmore?


lose the text. no pun on "stones" ??

Ava Adore

hmm nice idea, could have been renderd alot better


I think the main problem with the caricatures is that they basically don't have chins, which gives Jagger in particular a horrifyingly Leno-esque appearance. For guys that skinny even in old age, the no-neck thing really throws it off.

midgetbigot profile pic Artist

thanks everyone - I appreciate the comments. It certianly presented a challenge to try and create carcicatures within an already defined shape.
Since detailing it more seemed to lose its rock shape I chose to go with the simple lines and all in gray scale.

FYIMy actual refrences were the stones and EASTER ISLAND not Rushmore.

midgetbigot profile pic Artist

sigh - I'm not a real fan of the stones either. I thought of this while looking at some photos of Easter Island and I thought the only stones as old and decrepit were the Rolling Stones.

It's not suppopsed to be a portrait. Like Easter Island the figures are more an archetype than a potrait.

Nor is it a pun.

Subtley doesn't really work on here - does it?

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