motivation (the natives are restless)

Design by wullagaru

motivation (the natives are restless) by wullagaru on Threadless
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I really, really hope this gets printed.

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

hahaha that's pretty crazy man. maybe without the road though, I really don't think you need it. Love the characters.


i'm with robsoul - kick ass design - road kind takes away from the characters


nice illustration - I like the washed out colors.

the dark road is a little too distracting to the eye, since everything else is pale - maybe you could swap the brown road for yellow, and change the last yellow guys to brown or orange and white, so they don't get lost.

i'd like to see a teensy bit of seperation between the carrot and the nose - so it stands out more.


Ummm... I've seen that thing he's riding before... where'd you take it from? It kind of reminds me of an Esuvee but it's not.


the characters are wonderful!

muy bien, senor

Ava Adore

just wow!

stingerstyler profile pic Alumni

Great drawing wullugaru. Looks neat.


i'm a little bored with the random unidentified creatures. they seem a bit dated.


I give it a 5, but I wouldn't buy it unless you take folks' suggestion to add more contrast. Hard to even see what's going on.


I love everything about it. SWEET

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